What Are Pearl Drop Earrings And When Should You Wear Them?

If you’ve been paying attention to what the stars are wearing on the red carpet, then you will probably see a lot of pearls making an appearance. After a few years of a relative drought, pearl earrings are making a comeback in a big way. The new look for stars is the pearl drop earring, basically a dangling single pearl.

The great thing about this look is that you can either dress it up with extra jewels surrounding the pearl or you can keep it simple with a hanging pearl. If you want to pull this look off at your next party, there are two questions that you need to ask yourself:

What Type Of Pearl Drop Earring Should I Wear?

Before looking into where the pearl drop earring is best worn, you need to examine the pearl drop itself. The key to wearing these pearl earrings the right way is to make sure that you balance it with the rest of your outfit.

If you are wearing a pearl drop that is composed of just a pearl, you are free to wear something a bit more elaborate, or to pair the pearl earrings with some more elaborate jewelry on your neck or wrists. For a more complex pearl drop, you may want to tone down the other jewelry or eliminate it altogether.

When Should I Wear The Pearl Drop Earring?

The pearl drop earring is a very special type of pearl earring, and something that should not be worn to most events. You will want to save these earrings for a special, more formal event that you can really bring them out for. While they work well for daily wear, it can be more rewarding to bring them out as a special treat every now and then.

Pearl drop earrings are a much more formal look, which is why you see them far more often on the red carpet than you would at an informal cocktail party, but they are something that you should add to your collection and use whenever possible.

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Updated: October 23, 2017 — 8:05 pm

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