Black Pearls From Tahiti

Buying Black Pearls From Tahiti When you think of pearls, you immediately think of the white, round beads usually worn as necklaces or earrings. They sometimes use the term pearl as a color itself, describing a creamy, white, almost luminescent object. The black pearls, or Tahitian pearls are produced by the “Pinctada margaritifera“, a black-lipped […]

Looking After Your Pearl Engagement Ring

Looking After Your Pearl Engagement Ring By owning a pearl engagement ring you will be among a smaller minority than someone who owns a diamond ring. Pearl rings are not as common as they require more of an understanding on how to keep your ring looking like new. A pearl does not deteriorate, but like […]

Are All Tahitian Pearls Black?

What Are Tahitian Pearls Not only are Tahitian cultured pearls not exclusively black, they’re also not grown in Tahiti. Called “black” because of their exotic dark colors, Tahitian cultured pearls can also be gray, blue, green and brown. They’re grown in the lagoons of small islands that are part of a group known as French […]

How to Find the Best Wedding Jewelry

When it comes time to get married, you have a lot of things on your mind. In addition to all of the planning that goes into a wedding, you have big decisions to make on wedding jewelry. The engagement ring, for instance, is the first thing you have to think about. Saving for that purchase […]

Trade Secrets for Making Silver Jewelry Last a Lifetime

Silver is a soft metal that requires ongoing cleaning to maintain its original luster, and proper storage to prevent scratches. Any jewelry or other item made with silver will change color over time due to a natural oxidation process with sulfides in the air. This can cause items to turn yellow, and then eventually darken […]

Fulfill a Wedding Tradition with Estate Bridal Jewelry

We all know the old verse “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.” But it’s way more than a verse, its something many brides follow to the rule. So why not fulfill a wedding tradition with estate bridal jewelry? Future brides from every corner of the globe try very hard to follow this little […]

Tips for Men Buying Pearl Jewelry For Women

With pearl’s popularity growing back dramatically, a traditional white pearl strand becomes a kind of must-have jewelry in each woman’s wardrobe. Surprise her by giving her a piece of pearl jewelry as a special gift becomes such a romantic thing for a man to do. However, when I imagine I must look for a PC […]

What do you know about pearls?

A pearl is formed when a foreign object gets into the mantle of a mollusk. This irritation becomes covered with successive layers of nacre, which is the mother of pearl, and eventually forms a pearl. Cultured pearls are probably easier to match, but natural pearls are more valuable. For the cultured variety, pearl farmers keep […]

Celtic Wedding Rings and tying the Knot

The origins of the Celts dates back to prehistoric times when they emerged as a group of loosely knit tribes with a common culture and language. Celtic settlements stretched from Turkey and the Balkans right across Western Europe. But it was the rise of the Roman Empire that would expose the lack of cohesion between […]

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