Looking After Your Pearl Engagement Ring

Looking After Your Pearl Engagement Ring

By owning a pearl engagement ring you will be among a smaller minority than someone who owns a diamond ring. Pearl rings are not as common as they require more of an understanding on how to keep your ring looking like new.

A pearl does not deteriorate, but like any other item exposed to everyday use it can be affected by the environment that you work in and can lose its shine and prestige if not taken care of.

Any acid or alkaline solution can affect your pearl, and by wearing it daily it can get scratched when against a sharp object. If not looked after your pearl will fade or even worse get chipped or broken.

The easiest way to look after your pearl engagement ring is to follow a simple guideline that you can develop:

  • Make sure you remove your pearl engagement ring or pearl necklace before you take a shower, a bath or go in a swimming pool or the sea.
  • If you are a regular user of hand creams know that the cream can influence pearls. Remove any pearl rings before applying any hand creams.
  • This can also happen with hairsprays. Because of hair sprays it would be best to remove your pearl rings or necklace before spraying your hair or rubbing your hands through the spray.
  • Try to avoid anything or anywhere that you may cause any scratch to your pearls. Take a small soft pouch with you and keep your pearls within the pouch when in places that could be damaging.
  • Do not use an ultrasonic cleaner on your pearls. This will cause them to fade and may even damage them from the inside because of the machines.

To clean your pearls just wipe with a damp cloth and a very soft soap that contains NO detergents and then dry them off with a soft cloth. Take your ring or pearls to a jewelry shop and have them cleaned.

If you are the one who looks after the house then make sure you remove your pearl rings before you start your cleaning tasks. This will ensure that no damage can occur.

If you play any contact sports make sure you take your pearl rings off before you start. Any sport could cause a simple knock to occur which could damage or worse dislodge your pearl.

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Pearl engagement rings are more prone to fade than a normal stone ring. A pearl is an organic material that will absorb oils from your skin. As time passes these oils will change your pearls. This is nature.

Like any ring, a pearl engagement ring can last a lifetime and look good if it is looked after and taken care of. By having it professionally cleaned every few years you should be able to keep it looking like new for many years of its life.

Like any ring there is no set lifespan. This depends on how you wear it, and how you look after it.

Pearls have special look. They stand out in a crowd for either looking good or looking bad. It depends on how you take care of them.

A pearl engagement ring is something to be proud of and there are few out there who own one compared to a diamond ring. Make yours stand out whenever you turn up somewhere by looking after it.

Questions About Pearl Engagement Rings

Can I Wear My Pearl Ring Everyday

Your pearl engagement ring will only last a lifetime if you look after it. Depending on your daily routine will decide on whether you can wear it every day.

If you are cleaning the house or doing some type of physical work with your hands on a daily basis, I would remove your ring and store it in a safe place until you have finished.

You want your ring to look its best and stand out when you are around friends or out for a meal. Look after it by removing it before it can get damaged.


Are Pearl Rings Fragile

Pearls are fragile by nature due to them being organic. Even more so when set into rings.try to avoid wearing them to places where they may get scratched or when washing your hands with acidic soaps and sprays.


How To Look After Your Pearl Rings

When you own a pearl engagement ring you want to show it off as often as you can. Pearls are organic and consume oil. Try to keep your hands dry and clean.

To keep your pearls looking good make sure you wipe them gently with a soft cloth to remove any sweat and excess oils.

If you are not going anywhere that you class as special, leave your pearls at home in a soft bag to keep them clean and stop them from getting scratched.