Pearls The Forgotten Wedding Accessory

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To keep with tradition, especially for a traditional event like a wedding, it is a good idea to choose wedding accessories which are equally traditional. For instance, a string of pearls can add a lot of glamour to your wedding dress. While pearls have been popular with the vast majority from time immemorial, people who are seeking uniqueness are now choosing this timeless beauty.

If you are looking for something which adds beauty without being obtrusive, something which has stood the test of time, pearls should be your first choice. Pearl accessories can match with any type of wedding dress. Even when the event is a beach wedding, pearls are versatile enough to give the event a formal touch. Most conveniently, pearls are very affordable. Cultured pearls cost anything above $100 but the value varies according to the material chosen to hold the pearls together. A string with 10K gold will obviously be cheaper than one with 24K gold. Imitation pearls cost around $25.

Once you have decided that pearls are going to be your wedding accessory, choosing a style is then the next job for you. There are basically three styles to choose from : rope, princess, and choker. The style you choose will depend on the style of wedding gown that you would be wearing. Any style which exposes the neck area, a pearl choker is most suitable. This style would not be suitable however, if your wedding dress has a bateau neckline. Then, if your wedding dress is strapless, or has lace borders, you should go for delicate string of pearls, which can make you look gorgeous.

Wedding accessories need not end with pearl-studded neck wears only. For example, if you wish to go for that classic look, you can wear an upstyle and add tiny pearls to your hair. This is a must if you wear an upstyle. It is also most likely that you get a pair of pearl earrings, with the purchase of a pearl set. The set could also include a ring or a bracelet. If you get a ring with the accessories, remember to wear it on your right hand – as then it will not interfere with your wedding ring.

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