What’s the Best Way to Wear Your Pearl Necklace?

A pearl necklace is such a classic piece of jewelry that it works for almost any occasion. Pearls have an effortless elegance about them and can be dressed up or dressed down. When you wear your pearls, you’ll look fantastic and feel beautiful no matter where the day takes you.

When and Where Should I Wear My Pearls?

Weddings are a perfect place to showcase a brilliant pearl necklace. There is something sincere and romantic about the simplicity of a strand of pearls. These milky jewels are quickly becoming a popular choice with both brides and wedding guests.

Pearl jewelry evokes images of confidence, sophistication and splendor. This also makes it a great option for workplace jewelry.

Consider wearing discrete pearls on the day of a job interview or business meeting. When you look your best, your confidence and poise will shine through.

Keep in mind that a pearl necklace isn’t only for fancy formal occasions.

When it’s dressed down, it can look flirty and fun – perfect for picnics, coffee dates and casual get-togethers. Wear yours with jeans to add a touch of warmth and style to your daytime outfits.

How Can I Wear My Pearls?

Pearls are among the most adaptable of gems. They work well with a wide range of styles and clothing options. How to wear them depends largely on the length of the necklace.

Collars and chokers look divine with plunging necklines and off-the-shoulder or spaghetti strap fashions.

A princess necklace, measuring around 16-20 inches in length, works well with high or low necklines. It is the most versatile and easy to wear style.

For more glamorous and trendy fashions, the opera necklace or the extended pearl rope is all the rage. They look sleek and sexy with formal wear but also add a playful and flirty touch to more casual outfits.

Long necklaces can be doubled over to make an elegant multiple strand look or tied in a knot at the end to give a touch of vintage, old Hollywood glam.


What Jewelry Should I Wear with My Pearls?

Pairing accessories with a pearl necklace can seem a little challenging. Pearls are so distinctive that not everything matches easily with them.

For formal looks, you cannot go wrong coordinating pearls with pearls. Simple designs like stud or teardrop earrings allow the color, shape and luster of the gems to take center stage.

A pearl necklace can be paired with gemstones. However, it is important to keep the designs low-key and understated; otherwise, the overall effect can look messy and careless.

Delicate diamond jewelry is probably the easiest to wear with pearls, although brightly colored jewels can add some attitude.

Opt for gems that closely match the shades in your clothes, and again, go for simplicity like classy single-stone or cluster stud earrings.

As for metals, the right choice will largely depend on the color and variety of pearls. In most cases, gold pairs well with pearl necklaces, highlighting and echoing the warmth of white, cream and yellow pearls.

A gold bracelet or ring makes a perfect complement for a strand of pearls.

What Colors Go with My Pearls?

Resist the urge to wear your pearl necklace with similar pearl or light colors. You don’t want to come off as too matchy-matchy.

Avoid pairing pastels and matronly fashions with pearls or you may end up looking much older than you want.

Also do not wear neon or florescent apparel; the pearls’ coloring will be washed out and not pleasant at all.

Bright colors and jewel tones are what you really want to look fresh and young. Darker shades will help make pearl necklaces pop.

Royal purples, emerald greens and cardinal reds bring out the delicate, feminine nature of the pearls while still being stylish and friendly.

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Updated: October 21, 2017 — 5:54 pm

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